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25-06-2012 - Straight Boy Shawn Takes It Till The End


This boy is who I met in daily life....Shawn. This very good looking straight boy takes it till the end...


14-07-2011 - Gay boy Ross


Ross from Breda is absolutely not nervous!!! And showing his gorgeous body in front of the camera is giving him a hard on just like that. I met Ross on the internet and he wanted to make a movie, well we did it. He loves the camera and the camera loves him. Watch his endorphin flight.


14-07-2011 - Gay boy Nilo


Gay boy Nilo is a bit nervous but horny as hell and that's exactly what we wanna see. Nilo loves to play with anal toys and that's what we are going to see, they slide in just like that. I feel sorry for the camera man, can he stay of Nilo with his hands???


14-07-2011 - Gay boy Mounier


Mounier is a quiet one who loves to show his beautiful body defined with tattoos. He's jerking while he is watching gay porn. Is he straight or gay...? it doesn't matter let's see him cumming


14-07-2011 - Gay boy Jim


Gay boy Jim is nervous... But that gives Jim his charms. He really likes to talk a lot, but you'll notice that when watching the movie. But he can play with his dick like it is his first time. And he sprays his sperm at the end like a garden hose.


14-07-2011 - Gay boy Jeff


Gay boy Jeff lives in Assen and wanted to make a jerk of movie. Everybody who is coming in fron of my camera is a little bit nervous and so is Jeff. But once in the bedroom the meltdown is beginning. Watch how he jerks his 9 inch big dick. He needed a "hand" at the end of the movie.



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